Thursday, June 9, 2011

About My Book

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My book: Just Your Average, Everyday Genius is a fictional comedy about a girl named Jane who’s just trying to find her niche in life. Like all of us, she suffers her own set of obstacles and trip ups. Unfortunately for her, though, she’s got the whole world watching the entire process.
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How would it feel to have world famous, genetically superior, geniuses—literally—for siblings while you alone are simply average? Jane Hightower, feels like she’s been wading in the shallow end of such a gene pool since the day she was born. Nowadays, she’s a 25 year old uptown New Yorker, armed with an IQ of around 110. She lives a privileged life thanks to the wealth and success of her beloved father—an investment whiz. But with all her family’s fortune, Jane has nothing to show on her resume but a famous last name and a string of failed businesses. She finds herself feeling more and more like the family black sheep while her older brothers and sister continue to develop the Hightower family enterprise into a multi-billion dollar corporation.

But one evening, after her father suffers a stroke, Jane is devastated and more determined than ever to make him proud.  She makes one impulsive decision, and finds herself center stage in one of the most prestigious competitions in the city, going head to head with her genius siblings nonetheless. But when the pressure becomes too much for her to bear, she reaches out for help and gets Chance—a handsome but secretive life coach, who’s unconventional yet strangely inspirational. The only catch is, her entire experience has to be filmed for a reality show. Jane isn’t sure she can pull it all off, especially when things get complicated as her feelings grow for Chance. Plus there’s something shady going on in the family business that has her distracted. As the night of the competition draws nearer, Jane is slapped in the face with the reality that the outcome will decide not only her entire future, but her family’s as well.

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  1. I've already finished your book and it as AMAZING, and I'm not even a big reader. Would definitely recommend this book. Can't wait for your next one!